Friday, September 13, 2013

Scottsdale Chiropractors Reviews 9/13/13

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Price Chiropractic
9720 E. Indian School Rd. #114
 Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Scottsdale Chiropractor Dr. Evan Price, D.C.

Scottsdale Chiropractor, Dr. Evan Price, D.C.
Over 15 years experience in the Scottsdale area.

 *Not associated with the Yoga Institute in the photo.

Dr. Evan R. Price, D.C.

Meet Dr. Evan Price

Dr. Evan R. Price graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic located in Dallas Texas, August 1996. 
He went on to continue his education at Parker College, studying Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy
earning a Diplomat in Acupuncture.
After several years in practice, he studied at the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture under direction of Dr. John Amaro, a world renowned acupuncturist. Dr. Price continues to expand his medical knowledge by regularly attending various seminars to learn new and innovative procedures.

Prior to attending Parker College, he had a mentor which guided him to want to practice alternative medicine in his community.
Gerald H. Price, Physical Therapist, diligently taught his son various methods to treat the human body in conjunction or in lieu of  traditional medicine.

Since opening Price Chiropractic in 1997, Dr. Price has instilled his own medical practices to effectively treat his patients with the care and compassion they deserve. To this day, those values in which he learned from colleagues, family and friends alike remain a staple in his practice.

Price Chiropractic
7620 E Indian School Road #114
Scottsdale, AZ  85251

(480) 947-3979

**As a courtesy to all of our patients, Price Chiropractic will conduct a Predetermination of Benefits for all who carry health insurance. Please be advised that this verification is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance company to Price Chiropractic.  We strongly recommend calling your insurance company prior to your first visit to conduct your own "Insurance Verification".  If you have questions, please call our office.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Scottsdale Chiropractor Reviews

Scottsdale Chiropractor
Dr. Evan Price, D.C.
7620 E Indian School Rd, #114
Scottsdale, AZ
5.0 Star Customer Review Rating    
9 reviews
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in the last week
I went to Dr. Price because of neck and back pain from an auto accident. A few treatments later and I was able to return to work with no pain. Thank you Dr. Price ! Peggy Summers

in the last week
Excellent Chiropractic service ! No stress visit, with excellent results for my neck pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Price to anyone who is looking for a professional, experienced, EFFECTIVE Chiropractor in the Scottsdale area. Matt Swain

11 months ago
I have had slight back pain ongoing for several years now and chose to see Dr. Price seeking help. Since I have seen him I am in a lot less pain and am much more comfortable. I highly recommend seeing him for any type of treatment you might need ...More

A Google User
a year ago
I was having neck pain because I was rear ended while driving my car on the freeway. I had immediate pain after the accident. It was very difficult for me to even go to work. Dr. Price's treatments relieved the pain and made it very comfortable ...More

A Google User
a year ago
When I went to Dr. Price's Chiropractic office in Scottsdale I was suffering from lower back pain from a fall at work. I was really limited as far as what I could do at work or at home. I feel that Dr. Price really knows what he is doing and he ...More

A Google User
a year ago
I sought treatment from Dr. Price because my lower back had been painful for several months. I received almost immediate improvement, and it was great to be pain free. Before, I could not go a day without pain. Thank you Dr. Price ! Dr. Price was very nice, and explained everything very well. Thanks again, Dr. Price. Tammy Wong

A Google User
2 years ago
Dr. Price is amazing! He is very professional and listens to your concerns. I feel great after adjustments. He was especially helpful following the birth of my daughter. I developed post hypertension following my pregnancy and he helped me with this. I highly recommend Dr. Price. My husband has chronic back pain and Dr. Price was really the only Dr. who was able to diagnose early stages of arthritis and is working with him to prevent further damage to his lower back. He was able to test his nerve endings with a special machine in his office (I have never seen any chiropractor in AZ with this machine) which told him which nerve endings were damaged. Thanks to Dr. Price- he has reduced the pain and is preventing further damage. Our family highly recommends Dr. Price for your family. Our entire family sees him! Kathy & Brennan Johnson

A Google User
2 years ago
I had an AC separation. Thanks to Dr. Price I now have 100% better movement. I can now work and lift things with no pain. All around, amazing improvement, thanks to Dr. Price. If you are searching for a Chiropractor that knows what they are doing, it is Dr. Price. Glenn B.

A Google User
2 years ago
The back pain that I had turned out to be hodgekins lymphoma cancer stage 4, and Dr. Price saved my life by sending me immediately to the hospital. I came to Dr. Price during Chemo treatments and his great chiropractic care helped me physically, and emotionally. I never became ill and my immune system is in great shape. I strongly encourage everyone to see Dr. Price if you have any health problems, not just back pain. Chiropractic is healing ! Julie Whitten

A Google User
2 years ago

DOC PRICE IS THE BEST! After working years in construction my lower back sometimes does not want to get out of bed with the rest of me. After a couple of treatmeants with Doc. Price, I feel awesome. He is super friendly, really understands his business and gets me in and out of his office ASAP. Thanks Again Doc. Price! John M.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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